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About Us

The nine musicians on stage playfully managed to take the naturally rather cool Teutons on a journey to South America right from the start. Ambitious clapping from the first note, dancing from the third song on. The fuse to the fireworks of exuberance and infectious good humour was extremely short.

The line-up of "La Mula Santa" around the Chilean-born singer " El Mauro " was classic for the genre: drums and percussion, complemented by trumpet and trombone in the brass section and, in addition, the electric bass played with virtuosity by Pampaman. Jorge not only operated the electric guitar, but also proved his dexterity on the accordion. A fiery mixture.

"La Mula Santa" met years ago (10.11.2004) in Berlin and have since inspired audiences all over Europe with their powerful fusion of cumbia and merequetengue. The basis of the repertoire is cumbia, originally a Colombian musical style that combines multi-layered rhythm structures of African origin with Spanish-influenced melodies. The musicians of the multicultural ensemble do not only come from Chile. They are also at home in Germany, Peru, Venezuela, Italy and Argentina and certainly make use of their cultural roots to influence the compositions.

Sometimes fast-paced, but mostly in relaxed midtempo, the complexly arranged songs came along with South American coolness. Casual monotony full of energy and a high risk of infection, carried by a masterly precise rhythm.




                                                                      La Mula Santa Are:

Jorge Peralta (Chile, electric guitar/accordion/vocals) * Roberto Vicchio (Italy, trumpet) * Nils Marquardt (Germany, trombone) * José Méndez (Venezuela, percussion) * Andrés Magdits (Perú, drums,) * Juan Manuel Pampaman (Argentina, electric bass) * Uaio Cendoya (Chile, percussion/vocals) * Justin Tropical (Chile,percussion) * Mauro Valenzuela (Chile, vocals/A-guitar)

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